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  • All Souls' Day And Stones

    The gates of memories and feelings open on All Soul's Day. Which minerals help us to deal with the memories of our deceased loved ones? In this religious, slightly spiritual atmosphere, we subconsciously connect with the dead and open a soul that hides many beautiful memories. In such a period, we invite to our memories all our relatives, friends and people who have already left us. Which stones are associated with this holiday? * Rose Quartz * Aquamarine * Labradorite A stone that helps to express feelings ROSE QUARTZ is a very powerful stone emanating from the heart chakra. It helps to show feelings, receptivity and breaks down fear and guilt. If you feel drawn toward a rose quartz stone, your spirit is looking for love! Ether you need to focus inward and draw in more self-love, or you are ready and open to receiving and giving love to and from those around you. That outside love could look like deeper relationships with your friends or family, or a more romantic relationship. No matter the type of love, your connection to rose quartz will bring more love into your life. A stone for stray souls The soul is able to exist without a physical body, but it can also easily wander. AQUAMARINE hides vibrations that help wake up and find all stray souls. It effectively helps unblock communication and calms the mind. Aquamarine is also associated with tranquility, serenity, clarity, and harmony. As the first of the spring birthstones, the sea blue crystal represents transformation and rebirth. It embodies youthful vitality, purity, loyalty, hope, and truth. Of course, aquamarine must possess all the healing qualities of the seas. Grounding of souls Souls are full of energy that we absorb during the "soul weekend", so it is good to ground this strong energy to keep the balance between life and death. LABRADORITE helps ground and purify strong energies. It protects our aura from depression and negativity. Labradorite is a protective stone as we know already, so it will keep your energy body grounded, while allowing you to explore the expanded states of the universe Think of Labradorite like your fairy godmother, here to sprinkle your life with pixie dust. With the mystical energy of Labradorite, sparks of neon will illuminate the path to your destiny. And what suitable crystals are used to cast out demons and other dark powers. There are many crystals that can protect you from the attacks of the souls of the dead. It is worth noting that the vast majority of them can also be used to drive out demons and other dark powers. One of the most powerful is THE CLEAR QUARTZ "stone of stones" symbolizing light on Earth. THE AGATE is considered the strongest helper in the fight against black magic and the Devil's obsession. THE CHIASTOLITE or "fairy cross" has been worn since time immemorial as an amulet against curses and evil will. It strengthens faith in goodness and self-confidence, banishes negative thoughts and gives strength to magical rituals. Lost souls draw and at the same time bring energy. That is why it is important to include all souls with love, not only during the All Souls' Day period. Source: World of Minerals NAMASTE 🙏 With Lots of Love, Your Hana 💛

  • The Best Crystals For Pain Relief

    Crystals for healing pain and emotional pain have been used, harnessed and connected to for thousands of years. Both ancient cultures and modern-day creatives, scientists and esoteric and spiritual teachers have been and are aware of the healing power of crystals. When you're enduring a chronic condition and the pain that comes with it, you'll try just about anything! Have you tried crystals for pain relief? They help the body come into balance to reduce pain symptoms and speed up the its ability to heal itself. Let's look at these natural beauties now. **Crystals have a very protective, cleansing and empowering effect.** Chronic illnesses can vary, however some have characteristics in common that can respond well when paired with the right crystals. Crystal healing can be described as the application of crystals to help the body’s energy system find a comfortable and healthy point of balance to improve the quality of life. **It’s all about BALANCE!** Pain has a serious and damaging effect on your quality of life, and crystals can be highly effective in removing pain. Sometimes treating one area of your health, will realign your entire system. It is important to balance all of your systems. Crystal Healing can be described as the application of crystals to help the body’s energy system find a comfortable and healthy point of balance to improve the quality of life. How To Use Crystals For Pain Relief? Pain has a serious and damaging effect on your quality of life, and crystals can be highly effective in removing pain. Crystals can help ease, handle, or treat pain in several ways. They can work directly on the pain, and certain crystals can generally help particular areas of the body. The easiest way to work with a crystal is to use a quartz crystal point. Hold it about 2 centimeters above the painful area with the crystal termination, or ‘point’ pointing down. Move the crystal slowly in clockwise circles over the pain. Don’t be concerned if the pain gets a little worse when you do this. Sometimes the pain gets worse before it gets better. But after a short time, you should see a rapid improvement. For chronic pain, try this for ten to fifteen minutes daily for a couple of weeks and you should see improvement. And of course, some kinds of pain can take a little longer to heal. Let's look at these natural beauties now. AMETHYST Symbol of Peace, Intuition & Spirituality Amethyst, the Master Healer, is a high vibration stone that is very beneficial in reducing pain. This crystal can help reduce pain from arthritis, migraines, injury, or metabolic issues. Amethyst helps in managing and reducing the pain or discomfort. Amethyst is also beneficial in reducing stress and overcoming insomnia. *Place or wear an amethyst stone over the area of pain and hold in place or secure with tape.* ROSE QUARTZ Symbol of Love, Forgiveness & Compassion Rose Quartz is especially helpful with pain relief associated with skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, gout or burns. With a natural cooling effect and anti-inflammatory, it makes it an ideal aid for sunburns, psoriasis or other skin inflammatory disorders. Rose Quartz also helps to improve kidney function and assists the body in eliminating excess fluids. *Wearing Rose Quartz anywhere on the body will provide overall relief.* TURQUOISE Symbol of Wisdom, Nobility & Immortality Turquoise is a special stone that has a wide range of color variations. The vibration of Turquoise varies depending on the color of the stone. The natural stones will be a shade of blue or green. Turquoise will help to relieve and reduce headaches, sore throats, and digestive tract issues. Green Turquoise tends to be more calming than the bluish varieties. *Chronic GI (digestive diseases) troubles tend to respond well while wearing Turquoise.* LAPIS LAZULI Symbol of Wisdom & Truth Lapis Lazuli is perfect for giving you the strength of mind. It is also excellent in helping to relieving headaches, body pains, throat issues, migraines, vertigo, and PMS. Because of its amazing vibrations, Lapis has been known to be beneficial for severe illnesses involving the bone marrow, HIV, cancer, heart disease, and RNA/DNA damage. *Lapis is particularly helpful in bringing immediate pain relief when wearing it anywhere on your body.* HEMATITE Symbol of Protection & Grounding Hematite has a high iron content (yes, it’s a natural magnet). Hematite is said to maintain the charge of actual nerve cells, which makes it the ideal crystal for relieving pain. Additional benefits of Hematite includes regulating blood flow in the body. This means Hematite helps with headaches, high blood pressure, and anemia. Hematite is also known as a stress stone. *Carrying or wearing hematite offers many benefits to the body and mind. Wearing it every day (and under your pillow at night) offers many rewards for the relief of pain and stress.* AQUAMARINE Go With the Flow Aquamarine is another calming stone that has anti-inflammatory properties; therefore, it calms pain related to inflammatory conditions. This crystal for pain relief supports the respiratory system, throat, and lungs. It is helpful when you are suffering from a cold or respiratory infection. *It also soothes the nerves and helps us to better handle any pain that we do have.* CARNELIEN Symbol of Creativity, Confidence & Passion It soothes emotions, release imbalances, and calms stresses and trauma in the sacral chakra. It is especially effective for releasing wounds, traumas and stored emotional pains buried deep within, plus also increasing happiness and optimism in the process. *Carnelian is an orangey- red crystal that brings a gentle yet powerful healing energy.* GREEN AVENTURINE Symbol of Personal Growth Green Aventurine comforts, harmonizes, protects the heart. Physically, Green Aventurine is an all-around healing stone with benefits for the lungs, liver, sinuses, and heart. Use Green Aventurine to loosen and release negativity and energy blockages, including disease. Some wear or carry Green Aventurine to increase intelligence, perception and creativity. Some even use Green Aventurine to improve their eyesight! *Green Aventurine has a particularly soothing energy behind it.* WATERMELON-PINK TOURMALINE Symbol of Love Physically, the different colors of the tourmaline mean it will affect different parts of the body. Pink tourmaline can help with relief from heart problems. In general, the emotional healing benefits of tourmaline are based on its energy - it will clear negative energy or transform it into positive energy which will, in turn, strengthen both body and mind. *Pink tourmaline relates to matters of the heart and love.* In truth, there are so many crystals available that not all may resonate with you, or specific ones will. Crystals are conscious- they carry unique information and blueprints of frequency. Just like with anything in life you may find that certain ones are drawn to you. SOME MORE CRYSTAL USES FOR PAIN RELIEF Now that you've learned about the best crystals for pain relief, it's time to discover some of the ways you can use them to get the results you are seeking. Here are some of our favorite ways to use crystals for pain relief: PLACE CRYSTALS FOR PAIN RELIEF ON PAIN POINTS One of the easiest and most effective ways to use pain relief stones is to place them directly on the area of pain. If you have a headache, place it on your head. If you are suffering from arthritis, place it on the area that is causing you pain. You can do this while watching TV, working at your computer, etc. MEDITATE WITH THEM Either place the stones on areas of pain, hold them in your hand, or place them around you while you meditate. Envision their healing energy removing your pain. This will increase the power of the crystals and provide an amazing experience. CARRY THEM IN YOUR POCKETS It's also helpful to be in the energy of these crystals for pain relief all day long. To do that, simply place a couple of them in your pocket as you go about your day. With these healing stones, you can access the power of the earth to enhance your personal power. **Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.** NAMASTE 🙏 With Lots of Love, Your Hana 💛

  • What Are The Best Crystals All Beginner's Need?

    **Many people believe that crystals find us.** If you’re new to the crystal world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s big crystals, small crystals, crystal spheres, crystal hearts, crystals for charging other crystals—with all these choices, it’s hard to know where to start. The first and most important lesson you’ll learn from your work with crystals, is to trust yourself. Trust that you know which crystal is right for your spirit, and trust your connection with it. Don’t get caught up in searching for answers outside. The answer to what you want and need comes from within. **As long as you choose a quality crystal, there's no right or wrong way to select one.** If you’re just beginning to use crystals, I put together a healing crystals guide includes 7 powerful and essential intention crystals for encouraging balance, harmony, and peace of mind. Before choosing a specific gemstone, you can look at the gemstones meaning. But there are more ways to choose the best gemstone for yourself. Now I hear you thinking, ‘How to choose the right stone?’ You can choose the right stone in different ways. For example, look at your birthstone, make your choice based on the 7 chakra system, or choose on an intention. A whole other way of choosing a gemstone is to close your eyes and think strongly about the intention you have. When the intention that you have is all around in your mind, open your eyes and see which stone attracts you the most. **This is what I prefer, choose with your own intuition.** And what are the best stones to start with? 1.CLEAR QUARTZ One of the best stones for beginners to collect is Clear quartz. This crystal further amplifies your intention, which makes it an essential component of any crystal collection. In fact, Clear quartz crystals are often used to CLEANSE and RE-ENERGYSE crystals. The energy of this stone not only clears your own energy field, but also helps you get crystal-clear on what you want and how to achieve it, allowing you to manifest like never before. Sit quietly with this stone and feel its white light fill your body with positive energy. Use the following crystal intention for Clear Quartz: *I am crystal clear.* 2. ROSE QUARTZ The soft and gentle energy of Rose Quartz is perfect for connecting with and opening your heart. Most people associate rose quartz with romantic love, but it’s actually a "UNIVERSAL LOVE" stone. In order to experience love fully, your heart chakra must be open to it. Rose quartz guides your heart chakra to open up to love—self love, romantic connections, family, friendship, etc. Place Rose Quartz over your heart to infuse this energy center with comforting vibrations. Use the following crystal intention for Rose Quartz: *I am love.* 3. AMETHYST Amethyst is a go-to introduction to crystals. Its calming energy isn’t overwhelming, but it’s noticeable enough to feel its effect on you and your environment. It’s great to keep near your bed for a peaceful night’s sleep, especially if you have a sleeping disorder or would like your child to have a good night’s rest. Amethyst crystal is one of the most powerful stones for boosting INTUITION and connection to self, as well as creating a peaceful and relaxing environment to sooth away stress, worry, or tension. While focusing on your intention, meditate with amethyst to connect with your inner peace and calm. This stone also works well as a complementary healing tool in YOGA and MEDITATION. Use the following crystal intention for Amethyst: *I am at peace.* 4. AMAZONITE Known as the “HOPE” stone, the Amazonite crystal is an excellent manifestation tool. Embracing the fluid energy of water, this stone guides you to overcome setbacks, obstacles and challenges that present themselves along your life’s journey. It works by clearing away fears, doubts, and worries and replacing lower vibrational energy with positivity, optimism and hope. In this way, your crystal acts as a tool to help you change your perspective and flip the script when you are feeling stuck or close to giving up. If you are fixed in your ways or looking for help busting out of your routine, bring Amazonite into your healing crystal collection and let it open your heart and your eyes to new possibilities. Use the following crystal intention for Amazonite: *I can achieve anything I set my mind to.* 5. GREEN AVENTURINE Green Aventurine is known as the "GOOD LUCK" stone and is often used in rituals with green candles, or kept in cash boxes or drawers to attract money. Green Aventurine comforts, harmonizes, protects the heart, and can help attract love later in life. It is one of the premier stones to attract luck, abundance and success. Green Aventurine has a particularly soothing energy behind it, and is recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues. Use the following crystal intention for Aventurine: *Good luck follows me everywhere I go.* 6. CARNELIEN The vibrant colors within the Carnelian crystal is a perfect representation of this stone’s fiery and vibrant energy. As one of the best stones for igniting PASSION and tapping into your CREATIVE NATURE, Carnelian gives you the confidence to break through energetic blocks. It inspires you to take action toward your creative pursuits. When you need a boost of vitality and energy, connect with your Carnelian by placing it nearby or in your pocket. Use the following crystal intention for Carnelian: *I unlock my creative potential.* 7. TURQUOISE For thousands of years, Turquoise spanned all cultures, prized as a SYMBOL OF WISDOM, NOBILITY AND IMMORTALITY. Turquoise is said to possess many powers. It is considered a healing and protective stone that enhances courage in the wearer. It is also said to attract love, friendship, money and luck. Turquoise is said to attract love, it is often used to promote marital harmony and enhance communication in relationships. It is said to help the energies of two individuals blend harmoniously. Use the following crystal intention for Turquoise: *I am already enough.* NAMASTE 🙏 With Lots of Love, Your Hana 💛

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  • Malanecklace | JAPA MALA with love | Prague

    * COMING SOON * ČESKÁ VERZE SE PRÁVĚ PŘIPRAVUJE * COMING SOON * JAPA MALA with love DISCOVER THE JEWELRY FOR YOUR BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Feed Your Need For Bead WORLDWIDE What I Do 01 Japa Mala For HER Shop 02 Japa Mala For HIM Shop 03 Japa Mala SANDAL-WOOD Shop 04 Bracelet COLLECTIONS RUDRA Shop 05 Bracelet COLLECTIONS SANDAL Shop Japa mala for HER Shop now JapaMala Gallery ​ ​ ​ The best way of choosing a gemstone is to close your eyes and think strongly about the intention you have. When the intention that you have is all around in your mind, open your eyes and see which stone attracts you the most. This is what I prefer, choose with your own intuition. ​ I believe that crystals find us not the other way around! Feed Your Need For Bead Shop now Japa mala for HIM Shop now About Japa Mala ​ Buddist Rosary Malas are growing in popularity and can be used not only for your meditation practice but also as decorations or jewelry . You may see malas adorning the wrists, necks, and altars of meditation devotees and at the top of mats of yoga practitioners. These beautiful necklaces often hold special significance for the bearer based on where they got it, why they chose the stones, and the energy resonance they feel with the beads. ​ People more and more love malas because they can combine fashion and function . Malas can be made out of any number of materials including the rudraksha tree, the wood of the tulsi plant, lotus seeds, sandalwood, or precious gemstones. ​ These days people choose to wear Mala Beads for a number of reasons: as part of meditation practice; to benefit from the energy of the crystals and gemstones; as a reminder of intentions they've set; because of a meaning they've associated with them; or simply because they're beautiful... MORE * Stone energy can help everything related to energy, and when it comes down to it, everything is energy . * FEED YOUR NEED FOR BEAD ​ Shop Now Novelties Quick View JAPA MALA WHITE BEAUTY *I Am Love & Prosperity* Quick View JAPA MALA BLACK TIGER *I Am confidence & Power* Quick View JAPA MALA SANDY BEACH II *I Am Stability & Self-Acceptance* Quick View JAPA MALA TURQUOISE LOGOON *I Am Harmony a Meditation* Quick View JAPA MALA WHITE BEAUTY *I Am Love & Prosperity* Quick View JAPA MALA BLACK TIGER *I Am confidence & Power* Quick View JAPA MALA SANDY BEACH II *I Am Stability & Self-Acceptance* Quick View JAPA MALA TURQUOISE LOGOON *I Am Harmony a Meditation* About Me "Driven by passion, I launched *JAPA MALA with love* in 2019 with the aim of creating hand made, high-quality Mala Bead Necklaces and Bracelet, while following my mission of empowering women around the world. " ​ With love, Hana I can not find words to express how much I love you India, perhaps the only Indian scholar´s words can express what I feel: " I seem to have loved you in numberless times, in numberless forms, in life after life, in age after age, forever..." Rabindranath Tagore FOR SPECIAL REQUESTS & ORDERS Success! Message received. Send Handmade With Love Free Delivery Over 2 000 CZK Main Goal Satisfied Customers A Small Gift With Every Order ​ Personal Approach CONTACT ME Hana Dutton +420 773 589 770 ​ ​ ​ THANK YOU FOR VISITING OUR STORE! ​ ​ Share Feed Your Need For Bead WHERE TO BUY JAPA MALA with love (just the online shop) ​ STUDIO MOKSHA ŘÍČANY Masarykovo náměstí 65/ 28, Říčany ​ STUDIO KARMA YOGA Korunní 25, Praha 2 MARCELA MAGDALÉNA Veletržní 29/484, Praha 7 I accept terms & conditions Subscribe to our mailing list for news, offers, discount,... Thanks for submitting! 🙏 "Certain crystal vibrations resonate with certain energies in our bodies."

  • What People Say | JAPA MALA with love

    WHAT PEOPLE SAY I have already a few malas from Hanka and I am very happy about them. They are custom made and I can recommend *Japa Mala with love* to everyone who wants to have a unique and personal piece of jewelry... . MARCELA I love the jewelry that Hana makes. The MALAS she makes for me personally hold the energy of not only the stones, but also the intention. I am also very happy with the "Touch of Angels" collection, which, according to my imagination, is created by Hana with love. Thank you for the beauty ❤️ RENATA I love MALAS from my sister and I do not wear any other jewelry anymore. Beige mala calms me, green one makes my blood flow, in turquoise I hear the sea, pink has a big heart in it, brown holds me in difficult moments and black in me awakens my wild self. LINDA My mala was made to order and I am very happy about the final design . Thank you, Hanka, for this special jewelry, I love it... SIMONA KATKA MALAS mean a lot for me and my custom made Japa mala is really wonderful. I got exactly what I wanted and what I need right now. Enjoy shopping with Hanka, you will not regret. LENKA My family adores and loves all kinds of precious stones, and Malas and bracelets from Hanka are a beautiful way how to enjoy their energy anytime. Besides this they are perfectly match with most of the summer outfits. KAROLINA Necklaces Japa Mala are created by the heart, malas with an overlap, which have great purity and strength and which mirror the qualities of the female creator. BARA I am enchanted again and again by malas and bracelets from Hanka. They bring joy not only to me, but also to my family and friends. If I'm looking for a unique gift, I always think of Japa mala with love 💛. VERUNKA My "transformational mala" as I call it, is my first one from *Japa Mala with love*. The communication was very pleasant from the beginning of our communication until the end. In addition, you can feel from the mala that it was made from the heart and with love. This mala has become a part of my life and can not be missed in my daily meditation practice... Thank you! Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours. BARUSKA Hanka creates her Malas with great love and passion, using best-quality gemstones and components. Her Malas symbolize love, wisdom, protection, kindness and peace. I usually wear one with a pashmina around my shoulders to feel fully protected. For me, Malas from Hanka have truly magical power - every day I make sure to wear one or have one with me! SARKA My MALA has arrived, she is beautiful, I am looking forward to going out with her, she will surely shine in the sun and I will hope that she will bring me everything that pearls can do, I need it enough now. Thank you once again and I keep my fingers crossed that you continue to do well and have wonderful customers. SIMI ZUZKA Beautiful malas made with love and feeling. I want have all of them. I love especially the collection ORNAMENT. These malas are very unique and you can not buy them anywhere else... DARINA I had Japa Mala made to order and I am very satisfied, both with the product itself and with the communication and other services. The mala looks exactly as I imagined and I am happy to be able to use her in my yoga practice. It makes me very happy. Once again, thank you very much for the exceptional product and the kind communication. SIMI I really like this new peace from the collection TOUCH OF ANGELS. It is very beautiful, unique and you almost don´t know that you have it, so light it is. It is perfect for a summer outfit when you are on holiday. But you can use it also for everyday wear. I love it... BARBORA I really like the natural product and when I was thinking of buying second mala from Hanka my chose was clear. I went for sandalwood mala and I am very happy. This mala is very light, you almost don´t feel it on your neck and it is perfect for meditation also. Go for it, you will not regret...

  • How To Buy Mala Beads As A Gift | JAPA MALA with love

    How To Buy Mala Beads As A Gift ​ Feed Your Need For Bead Gifting Mala Beads Picking mala beads for yourself can be a daunting task. But picking one out for someone else — that’s a whole new experience. There are so many malas with different intentions that is can be overwhelming. They all look and feel different. Where do you start? It’s actually pretty straightforward if you follow my lead! There are three very important factors to consider when choosing mala beads for someone else. If you find clarity on all three, then you will have an extremely giddy and excited friend on your hands. ​ ​ 1. By Intention ​ Mala beads help us focus on an intention, so get clear on where this person is in their life — right here and now. What are they going through? What do they struggle with? What are their goals and dreams? The purpose of wearing a mala is to capture this intention and hold it as a reminder. It helps the wearer to overcome fear, reach a goal, find comfort and offers them support in whatever journey they are on. Shop NOW 2. By Appearance & Life Style Once you’re clear on an intention, it’s time to look at the appearance. Some malas are created with all rudraksha seeds while some contain only gemstones. Malas may have a tassel to be worn at the front (or back), while some may have a large stone hanging at the center. Oh, the decisions! An important factor to think about when it comes to appearance is a lifestyle. Are they active? Do they play sports? Will they wear them casually, or when they go out at night? For speaking events or business? At the beach or in a yoga class? 3. By Intuition The last important factor to focus on is your intuition. What catches your eye as soon as you see it? Do you feel a strong and deep connection to a particular piece? ​ Once you have considered all three aspects, you will surely find a mala that connects, relates, and reflects what your friend is seeking — something they will definitely thank you for. Shop NOW Shop Our Most Popular Quick View JAPA MALA PINK ILLUSION Quick View JAPA MALA PURE LOVE *I Am Joy, Love And Happiness* Quick View JAPA MALA CHERRY MIRACLE Quick View JAPA MALA MILKY WAY No.2 *I Am Confidence & Balance* Quick View JAPA MALA PINK ILLUSION Quick View JAPA MALA PURE LOVE *I Am Joy, Love And Happiness* Quick View JAPA MALA CHERRY MIRACLE Quick View JAPA MALA MILKY WAY No.2 *I Am Confidence & Balance*

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