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I have already a few malas from Hanka and I am very happy about them. They are custom made and I can recommend *Japa Mala with love* to everyone who wants to have a unique and personal piece of jewelry....



I love the jewelry that Hana makes. The MALAS she makes for me personally hold the energy of not only the stones, but also the intention. I am also very happy with the "Touch of Angels" collection, which, according to my imagination, is created by Hana with love. Thank you for the beauty ❤️



I love MALAS from my sister and I do not wear any other jewelry anymore. Beige  mala calms me, green  one makes my blood flow, in turquoise I hear the sea, pink has a big heart in it, brown holds me in difficult moments and black in me awakens my wild self.



My mala was made  to order and I am very happy about the final design . Thank you, Hanka, for this special jewelry, I love it...


WhatsApp Image 2022-07-21 at 3.33.12 PM (1)111.jpeg


MALAS mean a lot for me and my custom made Japa mala is really wonderful.  I got exactly what I wanted and what I need right now. Enjoy shopping with Hanka, you will not regret.



My family adores and loves all kinds of precious stones, and Malas and bracelets from Hanka are a beautiful way how to enjoy their energy anytime. Besides this they are perfectly match with most of the summer outfits.



Necklaces Japa Mala are  created by the heart, malas with an overlap, which have great purity and strength and which mirror the qualities of the female creator.



I am enchanted again and again by malas and bracelets from Hanka.  They bring joy not only to me, but also to my family and friends.  If I'm looking for a unique gift, I always think of Japa mala with love 💛.



My "transformational mala" as I call it, is my first one from *Japa Mala with love*.

The communication was very pleasant from the beginning of our communication until the end. In addition,  you can feel from the mala that it was made from the heart and with love. This mala has become a part of my life and can not be missed in my daily meditation practice... Thank you!

Hanka designs and creates very unique necklaces Japa mala and I am very happy to sell her products in my yoga studio MOKSHA in Ricany. 


I personally have a few necklaces and bracelets from her and I can only recommend them, because they are made with love & pation...



Hanka creates her Malas with great love and passion, using best-quality gemstones and components. Her Malas symbolize love, wisdom, protection, kindness and peace. I usually wear one with a pashmina around my shoulders to feel fully protected. For me, Malas from Hanka have truly magical power -  every day I make sure to wear one or have one with me!

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-05 at 6.01.50 PM (1).jpeg


My MALA has arrived, she is beautiful, I am looking forward to going out with her, she will surely shine in the sun and I will hope that she will bring me everything that pearls can do, I need it enough now. Thank you once again and I keep my fingers crossed that you continue to do well and have wonderful customers.



Beautiful malas made with love and feeling.
I want have all of them. I love especially the collection ORNAMENT. These malas are very unique and you can not buy them anywhere else...


I had Japa Mala made to order and I am very satisfied, both with the product itself and with the communication and other services. The mala looks exactly as I imagined and I am happy to be able to use her in my yoga practice. It makes me very happy. Once again, thank you very much for the exceptional product and the kind communication.


I really like this new peace from the collection TOUCH OF ANGELS. It is very beautiful, unique and you almost don´t know that you have it, so light it is. It is perfect for a summer outfit when you are on holiday. But you can use it also for everyday wear. I love it...


I really like the natural product and when I was thinking of buying second mala from Hanka my chose was clear. I went for sandalwood mala and I am very happy. This mala is very light, you almost don´t feel it on your neck and it is perfect for meditation also. Go for it, you will not regret...

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