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Feed Your Need For Bead

Wearing meditation malas only as a fashion statement is generally frowned upon by dedicated yogis and Buddhists. But in modern times it is more acceptable to see people wearing mala necklaces outside of the yoga studio and meditation halls. Displaying malas in public has certainly become a chic, trendy boho and hippy fashion style. Showing malas is also a way to communicate to others around you that you have a dedicated yoga and meditation practice. Be clear on what your intention is when wearing malas out in public so that it becomes an extension of your path of mindfulness.

Mala Beads Can be Used for Fashion

You may be wondering if it’s even mala bead etiquette to wear your mala necklaces as a fashion sense. This comes down to what you feel is right. It isn’t unusual to see people wearing mala necklaces outside of their yoga and meditation practise. They’re totally chic, trendy, and powerful. So, who wouldn’t want mala necklaces on them at all times of the day?


However, if this doesn’t feel right to you and if you believe the chakra healing benefits should only be used during meditation and yoga, then reserve your mala necklaces for just that.

Rules are Meant to be Broken

As the old saying goes, rules were made to be broken! This is actually quite true about mala necklaces because your mala necklace is never going to work for you if you aren’t using it the way you want. So, the mala rules are more of guidelines or recommendations as opposed to rules set in stone – pun intended. Do what feels right to you, and if that’s letting everyone get a feel of your beads, then go for it! Maybe you’re the type of person who thrives off of other people’s energies.


The most important rule about mala bead etiquette is to use it for you. Mala beads are always about you; your intention; your reason for using a specific style; your purpose; your desires; your inner thoughts; your whatever you want. This is the one place of fashion, yoga, and meditation where you can be completely and totally selfish.

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How To Wear Malas

There are three different ways to wear malas:

1. Wear a necklace mala around your neck. This is the most common way to wear malas. You can have the guru or meru bead down near your heart or you can wear it the opposite way with the guru or meru bead behind your neck.

2. Wrap a necklace mala around your wrist. You will need to wrap your full mala around 3-4 times to fit on your wrist. Not all malas will work as this depends on the mala’s length. Wrapping a mala isn’t recommended as it will put tension on the cord and reduce the lifespan of the mala.

3. Wear a bracelet mala around your wrist. This is the only option for wrist malas. If you find the tassel is getting in the way of your daily activities you can either flip the mala around during these activities or you can use a pair of sharp scissors to trim the tassel short.

Good To Know

It is important to note that when mala beads are displayed outwards to people and the environment the power of the beads can be diminished. Thus it is recommended to wear your meditation beads inside your clothing if possible. This will not be as important if you are around friends or like-minded people and are in a calm and nurturing environment.

How To Store Mala Beads

When not in use, store your malas in a special, clean and preferably sacred space.  A great place to store a mala is on a personal altar or statue of a deity. Most importantly, store your malas in a location filled with love, peace and devotion. We also give you beautiful mala bags to store your chanting beads and sacred items in.

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