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How to Clean & Charge & Take care
of the Mala Beads

*JAPA MALA with love* jewelry is handmade with love in Prague. While making malas I use the traditional Hawaiian forgiveness prayer ho'oponopono to represent the following four statements of the practice symbolically: *I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you*. It's very touching, especially given how simple and universal these words are. To “cleanse” yourself of bad feelings, chant the following mantra repeatedly while sitting with your eyes closed and meditating with your mala.

All my jewelry is made from the highest quality crystals, gemstones, and semi-precious stones completed with gold-plated brass, 925 silver, polished stainless steel, or antique components. I include a complimentary velvet bag with each piece for you to store your jewelry in.


I want you to look and feel amazing in our jewelry and help you keep it in great condition. Please follow the tips below to keep your jewelry looking great and increase its longevity.

Care tips for all materials

• Always remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, doing household chores or other strenuous activities, exercising, or using abrasive cleaners.

• Avoid direct contact with beauty products such as perfume, hairspray, lotions, body oils, and other cosmetics while wearing your jewelry.

• When your jewelry is not in use, we recommend storing it in a velvet bag provided with each purchase or hanging it on a jewelry stand to avoid its damage. Especially the tassel is very susceptible to damage, so take care of it. In addition, store your jewelry separately from each other to minimize scratching and tangling.


Crystals can capture negative energy very quickly. Before they arrive at your home, they go through many hands, absorbing various energies and these could affect your own home. Make the care of your bracelets a regular ritual, it will pay off, you will see. You will relax and also get closer to your intention again. 

How often should we charge the crystals?

You will find many different recommendations in the literature regarding the frequency of cleaning and charging your crystals. However, I recommend sticking to your own intuition. It depends on how often you wear your bracelets. You know how much you are currently dealing with and how much work your crystals have had to do. If you have experienced great stress, feel free to clean the stones that day. If you have not experienced any more extreme situations, we recommend cleaning the stones approximately once a week. But it's up to you if you feel that energy cleansing is needed more often or less often, do not follow any recommendations, but your own feelings.


There are several cleaning methods, some of which are listed below:

Water - The most common way to clean stones is with water. However, I do not recommend cleaning bracelets and necklaces with this method, as the rubber band or string from which the jewelry is made could be damaged.

Fumigate -  Fumigating is another great way to clean your crystals. Suitable fumigants are, for example, sage, sandalwood, lavender, sweetgrass, or cedar. Your stone must pass through the smoke for at least 20 - 30 seconds. In the fumigating process itself, keep in mind how everything negative leaves the stone with smoke.

Visualization - Hold the crystal in your palm and think about how all the negative energy is leaving it, thanks to the power of your thoughts. Literally, wash it with your thoughts. Then imagine that your stones are surrounded by white light that also passes through them. After a few minutes, you will feel how your stones are lighter and cleaner.

Selenite - Selenite is a powerful stone with high vibrations. Nobody should miss this crystal at home. It can cleanse the aura, it absorbs everything that does not belong in our biomagnetic field. And it can also clean and charge other crystals. Let your minerals rest with selenite, at least overnight. You can also put a simple crystal lattice out of selenite, in which you can place your stones.

In the end, I would like to mention that some stones have self-cleaning properties and therefore do not need cleaning, these are the following types: apophyllite, azurite, citrine, diamond, phenacite, and kyanite.



If you already have your stones cleaned, it is important to dedicate and program them now. This will concentrate their energy and the stones will not absorb other or unwanted energies. Put your bracelet or necklace in your left palm and stand in the light, whether outdoors or indoors. Look at the stone and imagine the pure light it is surrounded by. Then say the sentence (you can also only in your mind): "I dedicate this stone to the Supreme Good, Light, and Love." Repeat several times in a row, at least 3 - 5 times.

Now you can program your bracelet or necklace for a specific purpose. First, make sure you have the right stones that have the right vibrations for your purpose, such as roses quartz to call for love. Formulate the sentence and then repeat it aloud 3 - 5 times, again it is enough only in your mind. "I am programming this stone (bracelet) for… (you will complete your intention)". You can also look at programmed crystals and think strongly about your intent. The intention should always relate to you, your personality, and your belief in the use of stones only for good purposes that do not bring negative energies and do no harm to anyone.



Because the intensity of the effect of the healing stones is related to the energy received, the cleaned stones should be recharged.

Sunshine - Some stones like to charge directly in sunlight, such as crystal, while others are good to charge indirectly, for example on the windowsill behind the window. Some stones are not good to expose to sunlight, because it causes fading, these are the following species: aventurine, amethyst, aquamarine, beryl, citrine, fluorite, kunzite, sapphire, rosewood, and smoky quartz. If you still want to recharge in the sun, do so only briefly and in the morning or evening when the sunlight is weaker.

Moonlight - The second simple way to charge your stones and bracelets is to place them in the moonlight. However, the outside temperature must be taken into account. In winter and especially in the cold, some crystals may break. In this case, it is better to place them on the windowsill behind the window. You will achieve the strongest effects at the full moon when all energies are at their peak.

Mineral stones - Some mineral stones, such as crystal, amethyst, carnelian, citrine, kyanite, and selenite, can be used to charge other stones. Leave the stones you want to charge near these stones overnight, for example, and they will charge beautifully.

Earth, soil - Many minerals also like to be recharged in contact with the ground, with the soil - for example, rosewood or rhodonite. Bury them in the ground, don't forget to mark the place so that you can find your bracelets and stones again, and leave them in the soil overnight. However, you can also charge in the soil for several days. Ideally, virgin soil, untouched by man, is recommended. If you do not want to bury your jewelry in the ground, just place them on the ground so that they can be in contact at least this way.

Clean, program and charge your bracelets regularly! Enjoy their presence and enjoy their vibrations that help you achieve your purpose.

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