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Japa Mala Made To Order

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Personal Japa Mala is literally

a gift for your soul

Every person is unique and also every mala is unique, especially if we speak about YOUR PERSONAL JAPA MALA which is made according to your wish. You can be sometimes lost and confused about which mala is best for you because there are so many factors and variants, which you should consider. But do not worry, I can help you on your journey to select the perfect mala for you to use and wear. 

Are you trying to connect your perfect set of mala beads, but don't know where to start? It's a beautiful process, and I am here to help. While there is no wrong way to choose your mala, I have a few questions to help you on your journey.

Beauty and attraction to beads!
Everyone has his favorite colors. Our attraction and reaction to certain colors may be linked to our unique mental and emotional imbalances. Color therapy believes that wearing and using specific colors in your environment can have healing properties.

Chakra and mala beads?
The tradition of tantra yoga describes seven main subtle energy centers in the body located along the spine. Each chakra is associated with a set of organs and systems which correspond with the areas in our body where a lot of energy flows. When this energy becomes blocked or excessive it can present as physical, mental, and emotional issues. Gemstones and crystals have been used to help balance, enhance, and unblock the seven chakra energy centers and you can find these same stones used in mala beads.

Zodiac gemstones
For Zodiac gemstones, the theory is that each sun sign is linked to one or more gemstones that enable the wearer to evoke hidden powers and enhance positive personality traits.

What are you drawn to?
I often tell people, the mala that you're drawn to first is the one you're meant to have. It truly can be that simple. Don't resist the ease. Embrace it. Allow yourself to surrender and be lead by your heart.

What are you trying to manifest?
All of our mala beads carry their own intention. When searching for your perfect beads, we recommend you ask “What is my intention? What am I trying to manifest? Am I looking to cultivate more love in my life? More abundance? More strength?”

Will you be meditating or manifesting?
(Or both) Will you use the beads for meditation? Or do you simply want a daily reminder of your intentions? Our mala beads are suitable for both. If you are looking specifically for meditation, that's wonderful!

***I have numbered these tips for you to proceed through them to find your perfect mala, but you certainly do not have to do all of these steps. I do highly recommend being clear on your INTENTION and following and trusting your INTUITION. They are the two most potent ways of choosing mala beads!***


The price varies, depending on the types of minerals and other components. It is a bit higher than with already finished pieces because I devote myself to each tailor-made product many times longer and I try to find the perfect variant for the future owner just for him.


Still, need help choosing a mala?

If you are really confused and none of the above tips and methods help you to choose a mala necklace or bracelet, feel free to reach out to me for advice and suggestions. I would love to help you find the perfect mala to deepen your meditation and promote peace and well-being in you!




Thank you, Your Hana!🙏

Gallery of ***Japa Mala Made To Order*** which I designed for my clients

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