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The Best Crystals For Pain Relief

Updated: Mar 19

Crystals for healing pain and emotional pain have been used, harnessed and connected to for thousands of years. Both ancient cultures and modern-day creatives, scientists and esoteric and spiritual teachers have been and are aware of the healing power of crystals.

When you're enduring a chronic condition and the pain that comes with it, you'll try just about anything!

Have you tried crystals for pain relief? They help the body come into balance to reduce pain symptoms and speed up the its ability to heal itself. Let's look at these natural beauties now.

**Crystals have a very protective, cleansing and empowering effect.**

Chronic illnesses can vary, however some have characteristics in common that can respond well when paired with the right crystals. Crystal healing can be described as the application of crystals to help the body’s energy system find a comfortable and healthy point of balance to improve the quality of life.

**It’s all about BALANCE!**

Pain has a serious and damaging effect on your quality of life, and crystals can be highly effective in removing pain. Sometimes treating one area of your health, will realign your entire system. It is important to balance all of your systems. Crystal Healing can be described as the application of crystals to help the body’s energy system find a comfortable and healthy point of balance to improve the quality of life.

How To Use Crystals For Pain Relief?

Pain has a serious and damaging effect on your quality of life, and crystals can be highly effective in removing pain. Crystals can help ease, handle, or treat pain in several ways. They can work directly on the pain, and certain crystals can generally help particular areas of the body.

  1. The easiest way to work with a crystal is to use a quartz crystal point.

  2. Hold it about 2 centimeters above the painful area with the crystal termination, or ‘point’ pointing down.

  3. Move the crystal slowly in clockwise circles over the pain.

Don’t be concerned if the pain gets a little worse when you do this. Sometimes the pain gets worse before it gets better. But after a short time, you should see a rapid improvement. For chronic pain, try this for ten to fifteen minutes daily for a couple of weeks and you should see improvement. And of course, some kinds of pain can take a little longer to heal.

Let's look at these natural beauties now.

Symbol of Peace, Intuition & Spirituality

Amethyst, the Master Healer, is a high vibration stone that is very beneficial in reducing pain. This crystal can help reduce pain from arthritis, migraines, injury, or metabolic issues. Amethyst helps in managing and reducing the pain or discomfort. Amethyst is also beneficial in reducing stress and overcoming insomnia.

*Place or wear an amethyst stone over the area of pain and hold in place or secure with tape.*

Symbol of Love, Forgiveness & Compassion

Rose Quartz is especially helpful with pain relief associated with skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, gout or burns. With a natural cooling effect and anti-inflammatory, it makes it an ideal aid for sunburns, psoriasis or other skin inflammatory disorders. Rose Quartz also helps to improve kidney function and assists the body in eliminating excess fluids.

*Wearing Rose Quartz anywhere on the body will provide overall relief.*

Symbol of Wisdom, Nobility & Immortality

Turquoise is a special stone that has a wide range of color variations. The vibration of Turquoise varies depending on the color of the stone. The natural stones will be a shade of blue or green. Turquoise will help to relieve and reduce headaches, sore throats, and digestive tract issues. Green Turquoise tends to be more calming than the bluish varieties.

*Chronic GI (digestive diseases) troubles tend to respond well while wearing Turquoise.*

Symbol of Wisdom & Truth

Lapis Lazuli is perfect for giving you the strength of mind. It is also excellent in helping to relieving headaches, body pains, throat issues, migraines, vertigo, and PMS. Because of its amazing vibrations, Lapis has been known to be beneficial for severe illnesses involving the bone marrow, HIV, cancer, heart disease, and RNA/DNA damage.

*Lapis is particularly helpful in bringing immediate pain relief when wearing it anywhere on your body.*

Symbol of Protection & Grounding

Hematite has a high iron content (yes, it’s a natural magnet). Hematite is said to maintain the charge of actual nerve cells, which makes it the ideal crystal for relieving pain. Additional benefits of Hematite includes regulating blood flow in the body. This means Hematite helps with headaches, high blood pressure, and anemia. Hematite is also known as a stress stone.

*Carrying or wearing hematite offers many benefits to the body and mind. Wearing it every day (and under your pillow at night) offers many rewards for the relief of pain and stress.*

Go With the Flow

Aquamarine is another calming stone that has anti-inflammatory properties; therefore, it calms pain related to inflammatory conditions. This crystal for pain relief supports the respiratory system, throat, and lungs. It is helpful when you are suffering from a cold or respiratory infection.

*It also soothes the nerves and helps us to better handle any pain that we do have.*

Symbol of Creativity, Confidence & Passion

It soothes emotions, release imbalances, and calms stresses and trauma in the sacral chakra. It is especially effective for releasing wounds, traumas and stored emotional pains buried deep within, plus also increasing happiness and optimism in the process.

*Carnelian is an orangey- red crystal that brings a gentle yet powerful healing energy.*

Symbol of Personal Growth

Green Aventurine comforts, harmonizes, protects the heart. Physically, Green Aventurine is an all-around healing stone with benefits for the lungs, liver, sinuses, and heart. Use Green Aventurine to loosen and release negativity and energy blockages, including disease. Some wear or carry Green Aventurine to increase intelligence, perception and creativity. Some even use Green Aventurine to improve their eyesight!

*Green Aventurine has a particularly soothing energy behind it.*

Symbol of Love

Physically, the different colors of the tourmaline mean it will affect different parts of the body. Pink tourmaline can help with relief from heart problems. In general, the emotional healing benefits of tourmaline are based on its energy - it will clear negative energy or transform it into positive energy which will, in turn, strengthen both body and mind.

*Pink tourmaline relates to matters of the heart and love.*

In truth, there are so many crystals available that not all may resonate with you, or specific ones will. Crystals are conscious- they carry unique information and blueprints of frequency. Just like with anything in life you may find that certain ones are drawn to you.


Now that you've learned about the best crystals for pain relief, it's time to discover some of the ways you can use them to get the results you are seeking. Here are some of our favorite ways to use crystals for pain relief:


One of the easiest and most effective ways to use pain relief stones is to place them directly on the area of pain. If you have a headache, place it on your head. If you are suffering from arthritis, place it on the area that is causing you pain. You can do this while watching TV, working at your computer, etc.


Either place the stones on areas of pain, hold them in your hand, or place them around you while you meditate. Envision their healing energy removing your pain. This will increase the power of the crystals and provide an amazing experience.


It's also helpful to be in the energy of these crystals for pain relief all day long. To do that, simply place a couple of them in your pocket as you go about your day.

With these healing stones, you can access the power of the earth to enhance your personal power.

**Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.**


With Lots of Love,

Your Hana 💛

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